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A Clinical Case of Coccidiosis in Chicken in Kampala
Nsamba P , Rubaire Akiiki C.M., Katunguka –Rwakishaya E. and Saimo, M
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Publication Abstract

Many poultry farmers around Kampala, the capital city of Uganda rear chicken intensively on deep litter. Deep litter is a risk factor for gut parasites especially coccidiosis in cases where the bedding becomes wet and lumpy, or if it becomes stale. Severe coccidiosis was observed in a flock of 1000 chicken pullets that were 12 weeks of age and reared on coffee husks as bedding in the suburbs of the city of Kampala. Clinically, the pullets showed low live body weights of 960g, and low blood total plasma protein levels of 2.5g/dl. On histopathology, in the duodenum there were different development stages of shizonts and gametocyte seen in the mucosa, and coagulative necrosis of the tips of the villi. The caecum showed mononuclear lymphocytic infiltration with some esinophils. Some of the management methods that predisposed to coccidiosis were stale and damp litter. The placement of water and feed troughs on the ground were they were easily contaminated by faeces and litter.