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Application Of PCR For The Ddetection Of Salmonella Species Isolated From Poultry Targeting 16s rRNA And FimH genes
M. H. Taddele1*, R. Rathore2, K. Dhama3
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Poultry salmonellosis is worldwide in distribution and is the most significant public health threat to humans as a result of consumption of poultry products in many countries. Due to the rapid increasing nature of Salmonella infections there is a need for the development of fast and reliable techniques for the immediate detection of these infections in order to initialize appropriate control measures. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is one of the most widely used molecular tools for the rapid detection of several pathogens of veterinary importance. In this study PCR detection of Salmonella species targeting 16s rRNA and FimH genes was attempted. PCR amplification of the 16s rRNA gene loci and FimH gene of S. gallinarum and other five Salmonella serotypes generated a product of 572 bp and 1008 bp, respectively. Only DNA samples from Salmonella species got amplified and DNA from other poultry pathogens was negative indicating the highly conserved nature of these two genes at genus level. Therefore, targeting 16s rRNA and FimH genes for the detection of Salmonella species is a promising tool for the rapid identification of these organisms.