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Assessment Of Accumulation Of Heavy Metals In The Kidney Of Cattle As A Function Of Seasonal Variation
Davies O. Nwude*, Patrice-Anthony C. Okoye, Joshua O. Babayemi
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The kidney, as an excretory organ was investigated for heavy metal levels in cattle. The recent trends in environmental pollution problems have raised a global concern which calls for evaluation of pollutant levels in various environmental media. This study investigated the levels of lead (Pb), Cadmium (Cd), cobalt (Co), zinc (Zn), copper (Cu) and iron (Fe) in the kidney of cattle slaughtered at Awka abattoir, Anambra State, Nigeria, during three different seasons: on-set of rainy season (April-July), peak of rainy season (July-October) and dry season (January- April) of 2004/2005. The samples were digested with phosphoric acid and analyzed for the heavy metals using atomic absorption spectrophotometer, model Shimadzu AA-6800. The seasons of highest and lowest accumulation of each metal, and the relationships in the levels of each metal were observed. The levels ranged from 0.13- 7.91mg/Kg, Pb; 0.00-0.02mg/Kg, Cd; ND-1.70mg/Kg, Co; ND-9.66mg/Kg, Zn; 0.04-1.70mg/Kg, Cu; and 0.61- 1.30mg/Kg, Fe. The level of Zn was the highest during the three seasons, and Cd being the least. Strong correlations were obtained between Pb and Co, Pb and Zn, Cd and Co, and Zn and Cu, respectively. Variations in the level of accumulation of the metals could be an indicator of the seasonal variations in the level of environmental pollutants.