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A Benign Exudative Cornifying Intradermal Tumour (keratoacanthoma) In A Seven-Year Old Golden Retriever: A Clinical Case Report
J. Okwee-Acai*1, F. Mutebi2, J.B Okuni2, S. Majalija3, J. Nayiga4, J. Acon1
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Tumours are some of the leading causes of illnesses and deaths in older dogs. Cornifying intradermal tumour (keratoacanthoma) is a rare benign tumour reported mainly in the terrier dog breeds. Because of its exudative nature, keratoacanthoma is frequently confused with a fistulous abscess in the absence of a thorough clinical examination. There is no previous case or survey report in Uganda and the East African region about the lesion. We hence, report a case and surgical treatment of an exudative keratoacanthoma in a seven-year old male Golden Retriever that was imported from Eastern Europe about three years ago. This was a referral case that was originally misdiagnosed as a fistulous neck (cervical) abscess by a field veterinary practitioner.