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Titlesort descending Volume Year
Economics Of Developing Mixed Game-Livestock Production Systems Around Lake Mburo National Park Uganda 3 2008
Effect Of Season, Breed And Anatomical Location On Palatability And Chemical Composition of Beef In Uganda 5 2010
Effect Of Stocking Density On Growth Performance, Carcass Qualities And Cost-Benefit Of Weaned Rabbits In The Savanna Zone Of Nigeria 5 2010
Effects Of Anthraquinone Extract From Rheum Palmatum On Growth Indices Of Rutilus Frisii Kutum 7 2012
Effects Of Cadmium And Lead On The Structure And Function Of Thyroid Gland 5 2010
Effects Of Commercial Enzyme Supplements On On Eggs, Egg Shell Quality And Intestinal Morphology Of Laying Hens Fed On Hull-Less Barley Based Diets 7 2012
Effects Of Hive Type And Tree Shade On Colonization Rate And Pest Prevalence Of Honeybee (Apis Mellifera ) Colonies In Central Uganda 4 2009
Effects Of Raw Milk Price Fluctuations On Profitability Of Cattle Production Enterprises In South Western Uganda: A Case Study of Kiruhura district, Uganda. 4 2009
Effects Of Repeated Freeze-Thawing Of Bovine Epididymal Sperm On In Vitro Embryo Development 5 2010
Effects Of Short Term Laboratory Infestation Of Dried Cassava Variety TME–7 4 2009
Effects Of Supplementation Of The Natural Grazing With Roselle Seeds On Dry mater intake and performance of Desert Sheep Lambs In West Kordofan, Sudan 8 2014
Effects Of Tithonia And Phytolacca Extracts Against The Banana Weevil, Cosmopolites Sordidus (Germar) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) 3 2008
Effects Of Weevil And Mould Infestation On The Nutrient Quality Of Locally Stored Maize In Uganda 5 2010
Efficacy Of Selected Insecticidal Plant Dusts On Sitophilus Zeamais Motschulsky (maize weevils) 4 2009
Emergence Of Sickle Cell Gene Through Migration And Intermarriage: A Case Study 4 2009
Ethnomycology And Nutraceutical Potential Of Indigenous Edible Mushrooms Of Rakai District, Uganda 1 2006
Evaluation Of Different Methods For Overcoming Spontaneous Degradation Of A Plasmid Vector Used For Gene Cloning 5 2010
Evaluation Of Fecal DNA Purification Methods Against Conventional Culture Methods For The Detection Of Escherichia Coli O 157:H7 In Feces Of Naturally Infected Feedlot Cattle 6 2011
Evaluation Of Fish Gills As Potential Target Organ For Accumulation Of Heavy Metals 7 2012
Evaluation of herd structure of white Fulani cattle holdings in Zaria-Nigeria 7 2012
Evaluation Of The Growth Parameters Of Four Strains Of Cockerels 2 2007
Evaluation Of The Sensitivity And Specificity Of Rapid Plasma Regain Test To Treponema Pallidum 4 2009
Exploratory Cluster Analysis Approach To Interferon-? Results Of Pastoral Cattle In Uganda 7 2012