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Titlesort descending Volume Year
Paracetamol And Caffeine Induced Sperm Shape Abnormalities In Mice 2 2007
Participatory And Qualitative Techniques In Veterinary Science Research: A case Study To Understand Pastoralists’ Strategies And Decision-making In The Control Of Vector-borne Diseases In South-western Uganda 5 2010
Pastoralists Perceptions And Roles In The Management Of Rangeland Pasture Weeds In Sembabule District Uganda 1 2006
Pattern Of Gestational Weight Gain In The Nulliparous West African Dwarf And Red Sokoto Goats 7 2012
Performance Characteristics Of Rabbits Fed Millet Bran As A Replacement For Heat Bran 3 2008
Phenotypic and genotypic characterization Of Shiga ToxinEscherichia Coli From Water Sources In The Pastoral Systems Of Kiruhura, Southwestern Uganda 7 2012
Physical And Chemical Characteristics Of Animal Natural Salt Lick Soils In Lake Mburo National Park, Uganda 7 2012
Physical Properties And Critical Mineral Concentration Of Mineral Soils Licked By Camels (Camelus dromedarius) In Jijiga District, Eastern Ethiopia 6 2011
Physiological And Metabolic Responses Of Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio) To Different Pre-slaughter Stunning Methods 5 2010
Phytochemical Profiling And Larvicidal Activity Of Synadenium Grantii (Hook. F.) Extracts On Anopheles Gambie Mosquito Larvae 6 2011
Phytochemical, Elemental And Hypoglycaemic Activity Of The Aqueous Seed Extract Of Moringa Oleifera (Moringaceae) On Wistar Strain Albino Rats 5 2010
Plaque-Reduction Neutralization Tests (PRNT) Of Equine Sera After Vaccination Of Horses Against West 4 2009
Plasma Levels Of DDT/DDE And Liver Function In Malaria Control Personnel Prior To DDT In-Door Residual Spray In Northern Uganda, 2008 5 2010
Potential Risks, Consumer Perceptions And Preferences Of Shallow Ground Water In Urban And Rural Areas Of Uganda 6 2011
Poultry Viscera As A Complementary Source Of Protein In Human Diet 3 2008
Prediction Equations And Inter-Relationships Among Selected Growth Traits In Cockerels 2 2007
Prevalence Of Bacterial Infections And Their Effects On sSemen Of Infertile Men, Seen Retrospectively At Mulago Hospital 2012-2005. 8 2014
Prevalence Of Brucellosis Among Meat Handlers At Uganda Meat Industries Limited Kampala Uganda 7 2012
Prevalence Of Cardiovascular Diseases In Patients At Mengo Hospital 7 2012
Prevalence Of Cutaneous Mycoses In Cattle From Animal Markets And Farms In South Eastern Nigeria 7 2012
Prevalence Of Endoparasites In Cattle With Zoonotic Potential Within Urban And Peri-urban Areas Of Lake Victoria Basin, Kenya 5 2010
Prevalence Of Endoparasitic Infections In Pigs Kept In South Eastern Uganda 2 2007
Prevalence Of Entamoeba Histolytica Among Hospital Patients In Soroti, Eastern Uganda 7 2012
Prevalence Of Infectious Bursal Disease In Local Chickens Around Kampala Uganda 6 2011
Prevalence Of Trypanosomes In Cattle Of Kaduna State, Nigeria 7 2012
Prevalence Of Urinary Schistosomosis Among Pupils Of Informal ‘Tsangaya’ Schools (almajirai) Along The Banks Of River Ngada In Maiduguri, Bono State, Nigeria 6 2011
Processing Steps And Lactic Acid Bacteria Involved In Traditional Cultured Milk (Kwerionik) Production in Uganda 7 2012
Programmed Cell Death In Neurodegenerative Brain Disease 3 2008
Proximate Composition Of Nile Perch (Lates Niloticus) And Tilapia (Oreochromis Niloticus) Marketed For Human Consumption in Kampala, Uganda 7 2012
Public Health Perspectives Of Penicillin G Residues In Cow Milk And Edible Bovine Tissues Collected From Mbarara And Masaka Districts, Uganda 3 2008