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A Situational Analysis Of The Animal Health Services Delivery In The Mount Elgon Region, Eastern Uganda
A. Mugisha1, S. Baluka-Angubua1, A. Bisagaya2 and S. Namusisi2
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In Uganda, livestock production is still facing a plethora of challenges, amongst which are livestock diseases which cause morbidity, mortality and infertility. Poor animal health services are among the main limiting factors to livestock production and hamper development of the livestock industry in Uganda. The study described in this paper set out to establish the status of animal health services in the Mount Elgon region. This region was targeted because it was one of the remote regions with harsh terrain and thus not attractive to many veterinary personnel. A combination of approaches, both quantitative and qualitative research tools were used. The main data collection instruments were questionnaires and Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) tools. The study found out that majority of households had adopted modern methods of animal health care. A very small proportion reported using traditional medicine to treat their animals. Over 70% of households reported engaging community animal health workers (CAHWs) whom they called contact farmers to treat their animals.