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A Study Of Pre-Weaning Piglet Mortality In Selected Farms In The Peri-Urban Areas Of Kampala, Uganda
Savino Biryomumaisho and Richard Ogalo
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Publication Abstract

Abstract: A study to quantify and classify pre-weaning causes of mortality in piglets and how mortality relates to piggery management was conducted in the peri-urban areas of Kampala district between June and October 2004. The study involved 18 parishes and covered 21 intensive and 54 backyard farms. A questionnaire was designed and administered to pig farmers. Direct interviews and examination of any available farm records were used to enhance accuracy of information. Out of a total of 681 piglets born in both management systems in the duration of the study, 222 piglets died, representing 32.6% mortality. Further analysis of the responses showed that the major causes of piglet mortality between birth and weaning at six to eight weeks were mainly non infectious, with crushing constituting 27.0% and starvation (18.9%) as the main causes. Death due to scours constituted 10.4% and piglets born weak, 9.0%. Other causes were savaging (5.4%), drowning (4.0%), predation (3.2%), African swine fever (2.7%) and atresia ani (0.9%). Deaths due to unknown causes, however, constituted 12.6%. These findings show that pre-weaning piglet mortality is above 8-12%, the standard target for pre-weaning losses. Here, we suggest possible solutions for minimising piglet deaths in the pre-weaning period.