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Getting Started : Summary

To publish a paper on AJABS, you will need to have an account on the website. Click here or Click My AJABS (and click create new account). If you're a member already, you can sign in using the Log in for to the right.

Please follow the Guidelines for Authors before you submit your Paper. Here are the steps expanded in detail:

Step One

  • Create an account, if you are not a member on the AJABS yet. If you're a member simply log in.
  • After successfully creating an account. You will receive a comfirmatin email with a one-time log in link, which you should use to create a password for your account.
  • Once logged in, you can click "edit" botton on your profile page to update your AJABS profile anytime.

Step Two

  • To submit a Manuscript, click the "Submit a manuscript" link on the left side bar (look under USER MENU). Remember to read the Guidelines for Authors.
  • Add Keywords relevant to your manuscript in Title Case, separated by commas.
  • Add your co-authors (with their emails, so that they get notified about this manuscript)
  • Upload two versions of your manuscript (MSWord & PDF). In total you have 5 changes to upload edited Manuscripts (use them wisely)


  • You will recieve email notifications everytime a review has been added to your manuscript. Log into AJABS to read these reviews.
  • Make revisions to your manuscript i.e Add a revision log message, and upload edited versions of your manuscript (i.e. MS Word & PDF)
  • Untill the Chief Editor has published your manuscript, it will not be visible to the Public.